Live in Massachusetts? Do This to Knock $100 Off Your Next Electric Bill

Who couldn’t use a free $100, right?

It might sound crazy, but a company called Arcadia is giving Massachusetts residents $100 off your next power bill for using solar energy. You don’t have to install solar panels or switch utility companies —you don’t even need to own a house. The best part? It’s free.

Not only are you saving money, you’re doing your part to help the environment and preserve Massachusetts’ natural beauty.

Here’s How to Get Your $100 From Arcadia

  1. Enter your ZIP code and the name of your utility provider on Arcadia’s website.
  2. Share a few quick details about yourself, like your name, email address and utility account information. (All your information is encrypted, so it’s totally safe.)
  3. Arcadia will start offsetting your energy usage with cleaner sources like wind and solar. Remember, you don’t have to switch utility providers — and you may even see a discount on your utility bill!
  4. Your free $100 will be credited to your next utility bill.

Don’t be afraid when they ask for a credit card number during the process. Arcadia is 100% free, but now you’ll just pay your power bill through them.More than 420,000 people have already done this, and it’ll take two minutes for you to claim your discount.

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